How is everyone’s Tuesday? and by everyone I mean my family and a couple friends since no one has really discovered my Awesome Blossom blog yet.

Don’t worry.. It’ll get there one day!
I still have this blog under construction. I am currently designing my own logo and my brother, Charlie Hammond, is designing my layout. Until all of that is finalized, you can just enjoy the tunes in the meantime.

Today’s song title is called “Name In Lights” because one day, hopefully, my name will be in lights. I know that dream is BIG and my music blog will only get me so far but at least I have a goal, right? I mean, all I’m asking is my name to be in lights. (someone buy lights and put my name in it)

Little Daylight – “Name In Lights”

Little Daylight is an indie/pop band based in Brooklyn, whose popularity continues to rise fast. The trio was influenced by electronic pop music, which you can kind of tell in this song. I do consider “Name In Lights” an indie song, but hey, everyone has different opinions. This band has quickly grown to be one of my favorites and I hope they become your favorites as well.

Name in lights” has such a cool vibe to it though, I can’t imagine you all not enjoying this song.

Xx Taylormarie

4 thoughts on “You know you got your name in lights**

  1. Im very interested in your blog. Little Daylight is great chose.Your blog comments are inspiring and positive, love it.

  2. Every time I listien to this music it makes me feel happy and free of all the every day issues if you all get my drift.

    Good job Ms Hammond

  3. Keep listening to it then. You made a connection with music and witnessed the wonders that can come out of it! I hope you have that same connection to next week posts.


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