Hi there.  I’d like to introduce myself to those who are learning more about my page.  My name is Taylor Marie Wetzel and I live in Pennsylvania with my wonderful Husband and Son.  Music has always been my outlet in life when I’m going through the variety of emotions that come to play in this thing called, life.  When I’m happy, sad, excited, frustrated and so on, I listen to whatever can imitate my current emotion.  I listen to songs that can satisfy my emotions and try to find connections and meaning to them where I end up possibly thinking, was this song written just for me? Silly, but that’s how connected I feel to music and thankful for all the hard times it has helped me through.

I started this blog a few years ago to share my love for music.  As I’ve grown older, my career was rapidly advancing, and I met the love of my life and we started a beautiful family together.  I easily got distracted and left the blog world.  One of my biggest supporters that kept reminding me about this blog was my father, Mark Hammond.  He would tell me every.single.day. “Remember that blog you use to have, man was that good”.  Sadly, In March 2021, my whole world turned upside down when my father suddenly passed away.  As I feel a part of me is gone forever, I easily get lost in the achiness and sadness of missing my father.  As I was speaking with a family member about ways to cope with grief, one of them was to take up a hobby or chore.  Struggling to think about anything besides mourning and being down, I instantly thought of this blog, and how happy it made him and how happy it made me.

I’m hoping this platform is a space for all of you to sit and unwind.  A go-to space to find new artists or even re-experience artists you already know.  This post is a personal space for me to share with you what I am currently listening to, or a song that is relating to a current emotion I am having.  Either way, I welcome your opinions and comments and would love to read about what you are looking to hear on this space.  I’m happy to share a song (or YOUR song) you feel that needs more recognition because there are A LOT of underrated musicians out there that need that extra bit of lovin’ right now.

This is for you dad<3