Happy Thursday everyone! I am so excited to have this next new artist and song shared on AllTheRightNoise. It’s called “Surface Tension” by the beautiful, young and crazy talented, Genevieve Stokes. Genevieve has already designed herself a music career that is so genuine and raw at only 19 YEARS OLD! At 19, I’m pretty sure I was just getting a grip onto adulthood and finishing up my freshman year in college ◊ 

ANYwho, back to Genevieve..  You can just tell when she sings she sings the language of her heart. Her sounds are her survival and hope and I have so much respect for that. I’m so excited to see where she takes her career and what other songs she writes that not only follow her current journey, but also weirdly enough, follows ours.  

I was reading an interview she did with americansongwriter.com and to top off how talented she is, she taught herself the piano at the age of 8 and wrote ‘Surface Tension’ her Junior year of high school. “I internalized a lot of my emotions, so writing ‘Surface Tension’ helped me fully understand and contextualize how I was feeling,” Stokes said. “I was in a place where I felt disconnected from myself and was struggling to feel recognized in my relationships.”


Keep it coming, Genevieve. The world needs more artists like yourself!

Enjoy! – T<3AlltheRightNoise

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