Today’s song has been on repeat since I sat down at my desk. I’d say sorry to the co-workers whose offices are a few doors down, but instead I’m going to say.. you’re welcome. 

I absolutely LOVE artists who stay true to themselves individually as well as musically. His song Haircut actually debuted in 2018 as the opener of his album, Boy In Jeans. It is a song about being comfortable and loving/accepting yourself in your own skin. I feel like this song also dives a littler deeper into how he feels as an artist and the changes that go into it to stay afloat in the music industry. Even though Ryan sings with confidence about his sexuality, I hope we can all listen to this song and start feeling happy within ourselves, because the happier we are the happier we are in all areas of life.  Press play below to listen to the addictive beat and soothing voice of Ryan Beatty. 

Raise your hand if this song is now on repeat!


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