Hey everyone! I’m back and ready to tackle this next song by the lovely, raspy-voiced singer, Kim Carnes. This was the first song (other than “Black and White” by the legendary Michael Jackson) that I had on repeat as a child. I loved it so much I knew EXACTLY where this song was located on the vinyl record. This song now holds such a special place in my heart as I first and only heard it when I was at my fathers house. Since my father has passed, this song has randomly been playing at stores, restaurants, radio and I’m definitely not mad about it. I do believe songs come back into your life for a reason, and what perfect timing for this song to come back into mine.  

Other than Kim Carnes being one heck of a blonde bombshell, she is also one heck of singer/song-writer. Born in LA and living her dreams since she was four, she has proven to the world that she is just not good at making music, but she has a voice that is so crisp that its energy is so captivating and sends you to music heaven. Even though Kim Carnes has been in the music industry for years, it wasn’t until “Betty Davis Eyes” – The Grammy winning, Hot 100’s biggest chart hits of all time, that made her a global recording, singer/songwriter babe for FIVE decades. 

“There’s this whole part of what I do and what I started out doing, being a songwriter, that few people know,” says Carnes today. “I’ve always written songs, every day. That’s how I started out and that’s still so important to me. I’ll be doing it forever.”

Thank you, Kim Carnes, for not only existing, but for making this song and having it be a core childhood memory of mine with my father. It’s artists like you that help others just by the tunes of your emotions!

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  1. Soooo glad you’re back! Love your posts and yes she was one heck of a singer/songwriter.

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