Artists who write music to help others are always the ones that help you get through those tough times we have all experienced one way or another. Whether it’s struggling through a break-up, anxiety, depression, financial issues, loneliness and so on. Aurora Aksnes, a talented and confident 19 year old who is doing things her way and making music to soothe others. It seems that this talented young lady has had an amazing couple of years after releasing her first track and releasing her song called, “Runaway”. Which I will be sharing with you today. Her fascinating and captivating voice, her emotive song-writing and her rare sense of maturity all comes out in this song and will touch you deeply. Give it a listen.

AURORA – “Runaway”


Another singer-songwriter from Norway on the blog that’s music makes my heart flicker. I’m starting to get this idea that any musicians coming out of Norway are genius’s 😉


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  1. Just remember go as far as you can go not as far as you can see! Love you forever Dad!

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