The title says it all. Wye Oak!!!

This is another boy and female band phenomenon. Just these two humans can make your ears so happy that you will just rush to see them in concert even if you are by yourself on a rainy miserable day. I’m talking about myself. Once I heard this band on a show called “So You Think You Can Dance” I rushed to buy their album and rushed to see them in concert the following day in Philadelphia. I debated for the longest time if I should go see them alone, but I figured why the hell not. I had the most amazing time and met so many new people who adored this band, and I even got to witness the brilliance of Jenn Wasner’s voice and guitar playing skills. Her partner, Andy Stack, is just as fascinating as she is. These two make a great pair and I cannot wait to hear some new music from them!

The song I have chosen for you to listen to is called “Holy Holy” from the album, “Civilian”.
Since none of my Wye Oak songs would like to play here is the music video for “Holy Holy”
Wye Oak – “Holy Holy”

Here is a picture I took from my Instagram of Jenn Wasner at her Philadelphia Concert I went to.

What do you all think of this band?


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