I can already guess how many people who read this blog know who WU LYF is.. ZERO.
Well that’s all about to change for my little tiny group of readers. WU LYF is a four member band from Manchester, England who became known for giving little to no information at all to the press and excluding any requests for interviews. They were a very private band, but after making music like they do, that all kind of changed.

This is another band who I saw at the Union Transfer venue in Philadelphia, PA. The band likes to describe their music has “Heavy Pop” so the song I decided to play for you today is, (and I hope it’s a good one since this is pretty much your introduction to WU LYF) “Heavy Pop” It gives you a good feel of what their music is like.

WU LYF – “Heavy Pop”

What do you all think of this band?


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