Happy Throw Back Music Thursday! Now this band isn’t that old but this song is a few years old that I figured I would share. I’m sure a majority of you have already heard this song, but give me your feedback on what you think about it! I heard this song in 2010 and I cannot remember where I heard it from if it was on a commercial or a TV show but I just knew I fell in love with it instantly.
Listen for yourself. I’m sure you will feel the same.

Angus and Julia Stone – “Big Jet Plane”

Angus and Julia Stone are a brother and sister Folk-Blues Band that started in 2006 in Sydney, Australia. I’m loving these Australian musicians lately. So much talent I have been seeing and the music that they bring into existence for all of us is really divine. The brother and sister duo’s parents were actually a folk duo before Angus and Julia were born. No wonder the siblings have so much talent! Nowadays, they are working on solo careers.. According to Julia “When we make a record there are always too many songs, so we try and cut back to six songs each. There’s no real process of deciding what gets put on the album and what gets put on our solo records … It’s funny, Angus didn’t hear my solo record until it was being printed and I hadn’t heard any of the songs from his solo record – we did them totally separately”

Ahhhhhmaazing. Aren’t they great?


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