So today is considered Throw Back Thursday. A day where every boy and girl dig up old photos of themselves and post them on all social media networks with a hashtag that says “TBT”. A day that I sometimes get involved in. A day that I sometimes wish never existed.

A day that should be about music and not pictures of your cute or weird looking self. So today’s blog is going to be my version of Throw Back Thursday.

Иew Radicals – “Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough”

I couldn’t think of a better throw back song than one from New Radicals (formalized as Иew Radicals). An American alternative rock band who started their popularity from their one hit wonder “You Get What You Give”. Sadly this band was a short lived band, but I do hope one day they can reunite and make some music again. I know all of us 90’s kids would love that.

So sit back and enjoy this song and THANK GOD IT’S ALMOST FRIDAY 🙂


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