I simply just want to promote this song.

Vacationer – “Good As New”

So I just heard this song today on the amazing app that I love to promote so much, Songza. As I was thinking to myself what song I wanted to play, “Good as New” came on and boom, here you go.
Vacationer is an American Nu-Hula band or if you don’t even know what that means, like myself, they are a World Wave band. Basically they do sounds that have tropical qualities. Vacationer is a 5 member band based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (woooo!!) and Brooklyn, NY. Kenny Vasoli who is the lead singer and bass player, and Matthew Young who does backing vocals are primarily the main stars in the bands songwriting. The other band members are Ryan Zimmaro who kills it with the drums, Michael Mullin on the keyboards and backing vocals and Greg Altman the guitarist and backing vocals.

This band is great and I am loving this song. They will definitely be on my summer playlist! Go and give this band some love. Follow them on Twitter here..> Follow Vacationer


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