For my loyal readers: Sorry for not posting any music for you yesterday. I was at a doctors appointment and was in too much pain to even think about writing. Let me tell you, tattoo removals suck big donkeykong dick.

On that note.. today’s post and song is dedicated to one of my best friends, Samantha. I am so excited to post this song for her because I know this pretty lady is going to go far in life and want her to know that there will always be obstacles in our path. We are all scared of uncertainty, which begs the question that we all should find the answer to. “Why are we losing time, from something that can be so great?”
So go out there, find what you love and who you love and don’t waste any more of your time wondering the what if’s. Everything will happen the way it’s suppose to 🙂

Klingande – “Jubel”

Love you Sam!
photo 1

For the people who love this song…. we should become friends.


1 thought on “This One Is For You Sam!

  1. Tayl- I feel so honored I get to be in your blog… Thanks for the words of encouragement. It’s tough getting bad news on such a crappy rainy day out, but you have helped to make it better! I had such a blast this weeken hangin with you and can’t wait til your back in Philly partying again!!!

    You Da Bomb Girl- XoXo

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