So today’s song was a last minute song choice. I just heard them on Songza this morning and I was like “Who the hell is this” “I need to know” “Google you are great” “This song needs to be on”

That being said, I am going to write about Gardens & Villa. I couldn’t find too much information, but just enough to give you an idea of who they are, when they started, genre and all that fun stuff. But first, check out their song “Avalanche” that I just couldn’t wait to get on this blog!
Gardens & Villa – “Avalanche”

Gardens & Villa is an American Indie rock, Synthpop band from Santa Barbara, California. The band formed in 2008 featuring Chris Lynch, Adam Rasmussen, Levi Hayden, Shane McKillop and Dustin Ineman. They currently have two albums out right now and the most recent one is called “Dunes” which came out recently this year. 2011 and 2012 were big years for Gardens & Villa. They spent a lot of their time touring, recording and making music videos for their upcoming new hits. They actually had the opportunity to perform at the greatest music festival ever, (that I am dying to go to one day) Coachella.

I am hoping one day I get to see them in concert, because they just became my new favorite band. Look at the hotties down below


2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Band

  1. Well they aren’t the most stylish of the band world but they are pretty cute!!!

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