Asher Roth – “Tangerine Girl”

I’m just going to start this post off with telling you to press play.
Did you do it?

I figured with it being a Monday and all, I would post a song that would help your Monday blues. I have Monday blues every morning.. it’s a terrible disease but I try to listen to music that gets me out of that mood and get me excited for the weekend that is about to come!
Considering this blog consists of mostly Indie Rock Bands, I felt the need to switch it up today. This song came on randomly on a Songza Playlist I had set up and when I saw the artist I was kind of surprised. We all know Asher Roth for his debut single “I Love College” but I didn’t know he had the voice he did that shows in “Tangerine Girl”

Roth is from Morrisville, Pennsylvania, which is northeast of Philadelphia. I actually met him before at Phillies tailgate in Philadelphia, PA and got his number. He probably doesn’t remember that at all, but if you are reading this Asher, you should text me again 😉

Kidding.. Kind of. But how awesome did Asher get with this song?


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