Happy Friday! No it’s not a dream.. the weekend is finally here!

But what is a dream is today’s song. Francis And The Lights – “Like A Dream”

The vocals, the lyrics, the beats. Everything about this song is amazing. I just love what artists can come up with. Francis And The Lights is a pop (I suppose) band led by a gentlemen named, Francis Farewell Starlite. He sings about his journey to stardom. Starting on the streets of New York City to follow his dreams of being a singer.

If you listen to his lyrics, for example
“Ended up sleeping in the back of a mail truck
In midtown Manhattan”

That actually really happened to him! I just love how he had so much determination and had this dream of making music and succeeding every step of the way no matter where he slept! And I am so happy he did. Without him having those experiences, this song would have never existed. This song is amazing and I cannot wait to hear more.

What do you all think of this song?


2 thoughts on “Like A Dream

  1. Love the song and the simpliciy of the video. What a great taste in music! Can’t wait to see what you post next.

  2. Interesting song : Like A Dream : Similar to my experiences of my life now. Came to NYC to make my dream happen and it is happening now. Thanks Taylor, good cut.

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