Get out of your Monday blues and take a second to listen to this song. I heard this song on an app called Songza (which is an awesome app, so much better than Pandora because you can pick what you’re doing, mood, style, the genre and it gives you the PERFECT list of songs). Its such a fun upbeat tune and the artist, Lighthouse and the Whaler, sings songs that really hit the spot. This song is about living your life in the now and just enjoying every moment life gives you. Life IS short, so really, why don’t we just fall in love?

Lighthouse and the Whaler – Venice

If you like this song then go check them out in concert. I can only imagine a live performance from them would be beyond amazing.

And if this doesn’t make you tap your foot or move your head, then go to a Target near you and buy a bag of Riesen’s. Because A they are fantastic pieces of chocolate/caramels. And B. well I have no B I was just thinking about them so that is why I mentioned them.

But in all seriousness. Listen to this song, once twice maybe three times until you start to love it. Most likely, it will only be once.


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