Chet Faker, the stage name of Nicholas James Murphy, makes incredible music. See below for yourself.
Chet Faker – “Talk Is Cheap”

This Australian musician made his rise to eminence after he covered the Blackstreet’s track “No Diggity”. The song became viral on internet and became #1 in 2011 on the Hypemachine chart. That was actually the song that got me researching the heck out of this man. I first heard “No Diggity” on Songza and needed to know more about him. Even though “No Diggity” is not the song that I am playing for you guys, I still urge you all to go listen to it on Youtube. In fact, how about you just click here and listen. >> Chet Faker – “No Diggity”

As much as I loved his cover of that song, today’s post is actually one of his newer songs called “Talk is Cheap” from Faker’s new album, Built on Glass, which was released on April 11, 2014. This song is currently being played on the radio of WXPN 88.5, which is the radio station that is a member-supported radio from the University of Pennsylvania (For all my east coasters). His voice is so intimate and delicate, you can just hear the soul that he adds to his music. You will definitely be seeing more of Chet Faker on AllTheRightNoise, so sit back and enjoy the music he delivers.


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