D W N T W N – “Skins”

DWNTWN is a indie/synthpop LA band ready to make everyone obsessed with them. Everyone is buzzing about them and now I know why. Consisting of singer Jamie Leffler, guitarist/vocalist Robert Cepeda, and keyboardist/bassist Chris Sanchez, DWNTWN has tunes that demands multiple listens. If you’re into acts like The Xx, Crystal Castles, States, Ellie Goulding and M83 then in no doubt in my mind is DWNTWN the band for you. I have to admit, it was very hard for me to pick one single song from DWNTWN because they are all just so good.

Actually, I just have to post one more song from them. Please listen to their song “See My Eyes”. As I was digging deep into this bands Bio, This song came on and I immediately needed to share it. Here you go…
“See My Eyes”



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