I’m sure all of you by now know who Phoenix is because of the song, “1901”. This song got me interested in learning more about the band, which led me to Birdy who covered “1901”. Jasmine van den Bogaerde, known by her stage name, Birdy, is a 17 year old English musician, songwriter and singer. She does it all and she does it well. She is known for doing a lot of covers which led to her notoriety. If you have heard of Birdy, your introduction to her may have been her cover of “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver that went viral at the age of 14.

Now about this “1901” song.. Phoenix is an alternative rock band and Birdy is a Folk, Indie Rock and Indie Pop musician. The original is great, but Birdy brings you an entirely different aura of the song which is why I sometimes love covers. Even on good songs.

Phoenix – “1910”

Birdy – “1901” (Phoenix Cover)

Which do you prefer?


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