Who watched the Billboard Music Awards last night? Well I did and I just wanted to talk about Miley Cyrus’s cover of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”.
Now I am not going to bash on her because I know she has some dedicated fans and the last thing I want are social media death threats.

Let me get something straight, People can have their own opinions of someone and truly not like the artist. Not because they are a hater, or because they are jealous.. but because of the fact that they just don’t like their style. I read so many hate comments from certain celebrities fans.. won’t say any names (One direction, Lea Michele, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber) #oops but a person can actually not like them. I don’t understand why it shocks some people that a person doesn’t like Justin Bieber. Gosh if I actually stated what I thought about him or Lea Michele, I think a fan would send a bomb to my house.

Now about Miley Cyrus’ cover. As soon as I heard “Miley Cyrus will be singing one of her favorite songs from the Beatles” I automatically knew what song it was going to be.. A song about drugs. Duh. And of course, Just as I expected, get ready for ittttt……

I didn’t like it. I guess I’m just too in love with the original version to give a cover a chance. One thing I will applause Miley on is that there is nothing wrong with her vocals. She would be a very strong country singer if she went that way. Obviously, she see’s herself going in a different direction, but lets admit it, it’s only temporary. Every celebrity has a rebellious stage in their life.. remember X-Tina?

I think what’s really killing me deep down inside is the fact that some people, kids especially, will know “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” as a Miley Cyrus song.

Anyways, I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Leave the death threats at home.. AllTheRightNoise has no tolerance for it. In the meantime, How about you all listen to the ORIGINAL “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” by The Beatles.


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