I decided on my way to work that I wanted to have a week dedicated to Cover songs. As most people are biased when it comes to someone covering their favorite song, you should give the covers a chance. I do admit I get a little antsy when I hear one of my favorite songs get covered but just imagine if you heard their version first. That would be your favorite and the original singers would be the cover singers and that would be the song you would feel iffy about. I can never stress enough to give songs a chance, because I know a lot of people who will listen to the first 30 seconds of a song and will be like “I don’t like that” well you never gave it a chance dimwit! Pet peeve of mine indeed.
I’ll get off my rant now..

First listen to the TLC “No scrubs” if need be to refresh your memory.
TLC – “No Scrubs”


Then listen to BASTILLE’s version of “No Scrubs” who changed the name to “No Angels”
BASTILLE feat Ella (The XX)- “No Angels”

Which one do you like better? Feel free to comment below, and if you like what your reading then why not give me a follow to stay up to date with all my of music postings. 🙂


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