Has anyone lately been finding themselves Shazaming Commercials to figure out what song they are playing? or listening to certain words and quickly typing them in your notes? I can tell you that my notes in my phone are literally packed with lyrics from songs I have heard on commercials.

My reason being is because today’s song is from a commercial a couple years ago that I just fell in love with >>> Intuition by LG Commercial

Class Actress – “Let Me Take You Out”

Class Actress is the solo artist, Elizabeth Harper’s, stage name she created in Brooklyn, New York City in the year of 2009. Her sounds are more of an American Synthpop with an indie rock kick to it. From my understanding, this song is about helping out a friend who feels down and taking them out to get their mind off of whatever is distracting them. If you have a friend who has just been in the dumps lately, send them this song and take them for a fun night out. I’m sure they will appreciate it.


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