So I have a special post for everyone. I want you all to check out this new musical duo, Dance Of Atoms. They are without a doubt a new fun, spunky, electronic duo of producers that will be sharing their new album entitled, ‘Atom & Eve’ July 7th. I have already heard a couple songs from ‘Atom & Eve’ and let me tell you… it was hard to keep my body still with their harmonic synths, upbeat guitar riffs and their mesmerizing and stimulating beats.

Dance of Atoms consists of producers, known as Atom Man and The Phantom Of Funk both from the big state of Texas! I wish I knew more about this duo, but I’m sure once their Album hits people ears, more info will sure arise!

If you listen to Chromeo, Devo, Depeche Mode, LMFAO and Daft Punk then Dance Of Atoms is the new band for you. Check out the June issue of JAMSPHERE Indie Music Magazine for more reviews..
Learn more about Dance Of Atoms and listen to some of their new tunes here
You can also follow them here on Twitter @danceofatoms and Facebook

So, what do you all think of this new duo?
Xx TaylorMarie

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