Busy week guys! I wish work didn’t disrupt me and my blogging. I’m going to try to have that not happen anymore… while still keeping my job..

I think you all will enjoy this song that I have for you today. Take a listen my friends and get in summer mode.
Sleeper Agent “Waves”


Sleeper Agent is an Indie group from Bowling Green, Kentucky. This is a band to watch people. The warm vocals, the upbeat sounds, the rhythmic guitar riffs and the meaning of the lyrics.. all just outstanding. And guess where I discovered them? Songza, of course. Band member, Tony Smith, tells Rolling Stone “Waves’ is ultimately about a private apocalypse. It’s about closing chapters of the past and watching all you knew crumble before you.” – I’m sure we can all relate, right. Great fucking song.

Check out Sleeper Agent’s website for a free download of “Waves” and a schedule of their tour dates and locations. This is a band that I need to see live!


1 thought on “A Band That is Making “Waves”

  1. Tayl! I wish we were on summer vaca and could just jam out all summer and drink on the beach<3 great post! Love Ya


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